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Are you wanting to volunteer or in Intern in Africa ?

There are so many children and adolescents in South Africa in desperate need of psychiatric help. African Sunrise is Cape Town organization that helps place people who wish to volunteer Africa, particularly volunteer in Cape Town. They also assist students looking to complete an internship in South Africa to find an appropriate placement for their specific field of study. For example, if you have studied psychology you will be placed with a project where your studies are best put to use, working with those in need of psychological or psychiatric attention, alongside with other qualified professionals. Likewise, if you majored in Social Work, African Sunrise will place you in an appropriate project where your education can be put to the test, allowing you to earn valuable experience in the field, whilst helping children and adolescents that have been subjected to all manner and form of abuse and trauma.

volunteer in cape town with children

Anna, one of the past interns that was placed by African Sunrise volunteers recently shared her experiences on the website blog. Anna a Swedish citizen joined the African Sunrise intern program earlier this year and spent three months working with the Soup Feeding Kitchen Scheme and also the Aftercare Programme in Salt River, Cape Town. Anna took the time to develop close relationships with the many homeless people of Observatory and Salt River and made a huge impact on their quality of life. In her own words quoted from her blog post Anna says :

“There is a warmth that I can’t describe. A lot of joy even when there is little.I have seen some hard things. The kids that lives on the street, poverty, drugs and other problems. To see the work that people do, people that now is close friends of mine, to help them in need is heartwarming. I was working in a soup kitchen, giving food to the people who lives in the streets or people that just don’t have enough money for food. Everyone is welcome. I have learned a lot about myself, and that I can do a lot for someone just by showing them love and listen to their story. To be a part of the work African Sunrise is doing makes me proud!
I can recommend you to go and make a change for yourself and someone else. Just take the change and go, it will be worth it!”

African Sunrise also works closely with and places volunteers and interns at the School for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are really fortunate to have so many kind and willing young people to volunteer in South Africa. This school uses a variety of modalities and teaching methods to assist children with Autism. Combining applied behavioural analysis, sign language and augmentative communication methods, the school has made some tremendous progress with the children that are fortunate enough to attend. The school’s holistic approach integrates teaching basic life skills to the pupils, preparing them for life after school and how to cope with the stresses of living with autism in our society. Placement at the school has proven to extremely popular with social work students, teachers and psychology students.

African Sunrise insist on a minimum internship placement of a three-month period to allow for the volunteers and interns to firstly adjust to the lifestyle and living condition in South Africa, as well as allow for time for them to really reap the benefits of participating in one the programmes.