The official language of the congress is English.  Simultaneous translation will not be offered. 

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Only the poster time slots are listed on the programme and not the individual poster exhibitors. Poster exhibitors may choose to man their posters during these slots on the programme.


Monday 11 August 2014
Pre-Congress Institutes
09h00-15h00 WHO Workshop
13h00-17h00 Pre-Congress Institutes
17h30-19h00 Congress Opening Ceremony
19h00 Welcome Reception
Tuesday to Thursday 12-14 August 2014
08h00-09h20 Symposia, Workshops etc.
09h30-10h30 Plenary Lecture
10h30-11h00 Tea Break
11h00-12h20 Symposia, Workshops etc.
12h30-13h15 Keynote Lectures x 6
13h15-13h45 Lunch Break
13h45-14h40 Poster Presentations
14h45-15h45 Plenary Lecture
15h45-16h15 Tea break
16h15-17h35 Symposia, Workshops etc.
17h45 Business Meetings (Tuesday, Wednesday)
19h00 Gala Dinner (Thursday)
Friday 15 August 2014
08h00-09h20 Symposia, Workshops etc.
09h30-10h50 Symposia, Workshops etc.
10h50-11h15 Tea Break
11h15-12h30 Closing Ceremony

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