List of IACAPAP Books


The Child in His Family, New York, Wiley, 1970.
L’enfant dans la famille, Paris, Masson, 1970.
E.J. Anthony, C. Koupernik


The Impact of Disease and Death, New York, Wiley, 1973.
L’enfant devant la maladie et la mort, Paris, Masson, 1974.
E.J. Anthony, C. Koupernik


Children at Psychiatric Risk, New York, Wiley, 1974.
L’enfant à haut risque psychiatrique, Paris, PUF, 1980.
E.J. Anthony, C. Koupernik, C.Chiland


Vulnerable Children, New York, Wiley, 1978.
L’enfant vulnérable, Paris, PUF, 1982.
E.J. Anthony, C. Koupernik, C.Chiland


Children and Their Parents in a Changing World, New York, Wiley, 1978.
Parents et enfants dans un monde en changement, Paris, PUF, 1983
E.J. Anthony, C.Chiland


Preventive Child Psychiatry in an Age of Transition, New York, Wiley, 1980.
Prévention en psychiatrie de l’enfant en un temps de transition, Paris, PUF, 1984
E.J. Anthony, C.Chiland


Children in Turmoil : Tomorrow’s Parents, New York, Wiley, 1982.
Enfants dans la tourmente : Parents de demain, Paris, PUF, 1985.
E.J. Anthony, C.Chiland


Perilous Development : Child Raising and Identity Formation under Stress, New York, Wiley, 1988.
Le développement en péril, Paris, PUF, 1992
E.J. Anthony, C.Chiland


New Approaches to Infant, Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health, New Haven, Yale University Press, 1992.
Nouvelles approches de la santé mentale de la naissance à l’adolescence pour l’enfant et sa famille, Paris, PUF, 1990.
C. Chiland, J.G. Young


Why Children Reject School ? Views from Seven Countries, New Haven, Yale University Press, 1990.
Le refus de l’école. Un aperçu transculturel, Paris, PUF, 1990.
C. Chiland, J.G. Young, D. Kaplan


Children and Violence, Northvale, New Jersey, Jason Aronson, 1994.
Les enfants et la violence, Paris, PUF, 1997.
C. Chiland, J.G. Young, D. Kaplan


Designing Mental Health Services and Systems for Children and Adolescents. A Shrewd Investment, Philadelphia, Brunner/Mazel, 1998.
J.G. Young, P. Ferrari


Brain, Culture and Development, Delhi, Macmillan India, 2003.
J. G. Young, P. Ferrari, S. Malhotra, S. Tyano, E. Caffo


Faciitating Pathways. Care, Treatment and Prevention in Child and Aldolescent Mental Health, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, Springer, 2004.
H. Remschmidt, M.L. Belfer, I. Goodye


Working with children and adolescents. An evidence-based approach to risk and resilience, Lanham, Boulder, New York, Toronto, Oxford, Jason Aronson, 2006.
M.E. Garralda, M. Flament


Culture and Conflit in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Jason Aronson, 2008.
M.E. Garralda, J.P. Raynaud


Increasing Awareness of Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Lanham, Maryland, USA, 2010.
M.E. Garralda, J.P. Raynaud

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