Poster Exhibition Presentation

The poster panels will be no larger than 120cm high and 75cm wide (portrait style). Please be aware that there is no space for excessive sizes. Poster exhibitors are advised to make several copies for placement next to the poster. Special A4 plastic sleeves will be provided at the poster boards for the poster copy and for business cards. Poster adhesive will be supplied for each poster. Posters will be displayed for the duration of the congress. Presenters to be advised to be at their posters at Tues, Wed and Thursday lunchtimes if they want to talk to delegates about their posters. Poster exhibitors will receive a list in their registration pack at the congress of where to display their poster/s. Poster abstracts will be published in a journal.

Symposia: will be allocated 90 minutes each and must include three or four presentations on a related topic. A separate abstract must be submitted by the presenter of each paper, in addition to an abstract submitted by the symposium organiser which describes the overall content of the symposium and lists each presenter’s name and the title of their paper. If more than one symposium is organised, up to a maximum of three, the organiser needs to submit a separate abstract for each symposium, numbering them 1, 2 or 3. To view the guideline: Click Here

Workshops: are designed to impart a particular body of knowledge or set of skills through interactive audience participation, to a maximum of three workshops for the same audience. Workshops will be allocated 90 minutes each, and a separate abstract should be submitted for each workshop.

Free Papers: will generally be allocated 20 minutes each, including discussion time.

Video Presentations: the duration must be specified in the abstract submission, with the maximum duration of the whole session being 90 minutes.

Critical Dates

30 May 2014
Early Registration Close



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