Struggling to find a decent Southern Suburbs Psychologist for your child?

The process of finding the best and most suited psychologist to treat children and adolescents is not always easy. Anita Prag, psychologist Southern Suburbs, Cape Town, comes highly recommended by several respected delegates of IACAPAP 2014. It’s a great honor to be recommended by your colleagues in the same field, especially those who attend the IACAPAP conferences. Anita has a Masters in Clinical Psychology and Community counselling from the Univeristy of Stellenbosch where she graduated. Anita went on to spend several years in the post of senior Clinical Psychologist in the South African Military Services.  Having been deployed in the war torn Burundi for some time, Anita gained unique first hand experience of the extreme duress that conflict can cause on the human psyche and developed workshops to help local families cope with the horrific stresses that they had endured.

Eventually Anita Prag returned to Cape Town where she set up a practice as a psychologist in the southern suburbs area of Bergvliet. Anita uses the valuable and unique experiences and insights into the human condition that she gained whilst working in Burundi to help her provide her child and adolescent patients with the best psychological treatment they could expect. Sure, the impact of a violent war on adolescents and children might be far greater than the effects of domestic abuse between parents, but the insights gained in Burundi into just how extremely children and adolescents can be affected are something that really sets Anita aside from many of her colleagues. Most of Anita Prag’s credentials and details concerning her practice can be found on her website.

There are a few things she does make clear concerning how she approaches each different child or adolescent patient she treats. Anita will spend a great deal of time doing a thorough intake with the child, asking all the relevant questions concerning the child’s current psychological and emotional state and their history. In most cases Anita will request to meet up with the primary figures in the child’s life, teachers, parents, grandparent, anyone of importance that can provide additional insights into the child’s background and current emotional difficulties.  Our children are the most important things to us and when they suffer, we suffer. Choosing the best person to nurse your child through turbulent times is not easy but Anita Prag is one southern suburbs psychologist that is well worth your time and effort in meeting with.